I have had Orsola Fezzi as professor of Italian in the Department of “Parliamo Italiano” at Hunter College for the past two consecutive terms: each running twenty weeks totaling forty hours meeting twice a week. Professor Fezzi's poise, confidence, dependability, patience and creativity show her to be an excellent teacher. I have found her indeed to be inspiring and very encouraging to her students. Instinctively, she is able to nurture the students' understanding of the complexities of Italian: its grammar from an elementary level of comprehension to a more advanced scholarly scope.


What has made Professor Fezzi unique to all of us is her flexibility, or the fact that Ms Fezzi is so very keen to partner with all of her students: Each feels special and respected in his/her abilities, regardless of how heterogeneous the interests may be. Because of her stimulating approach and guidance, any differentiations or comparisons seem almost uncalled for; as a result, her students are both so cohesive and are encouraged to learn from each other. Her energetic and wise disposition inspires us to such a point that we seek out the possibility of having her as our teacher for as long as it may be feasible.


      Ricardo F. Morin, M.F.A. 1983 (Yale University)


Adjunct Professor of Fine Arts


(Manhattan Pratt Institute, Continuing and Professional Studies)


Orsola is a wonderful teacher! I have studied with her in a classroom, small


group, and one-on-one. She is great at gaging a student's level and progress,


and adjusting the curriculum to meet the needs of each student. She is also very


nice and accommodating. I have been working with her for 2 years. I really enjoy


studying with her and highly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn






 Kyle G.Koeppel,New York 







My daughter Vivian has been taking Italian lessons with Orsola for a few


years and looks forward to see her at her weekly lessons.


Orsola knows how to engage my daughter in a fun, interactive way. My

daughter is able to write and hold conversations in Italian, and enjoys her

time learning and practicing.

Orsola's has a gentle and down to earth demeanor.  She presents herself

in a professional manner and is a pleasure to have in my home teaching

my daughter.


On a personal note,Orsola is cool,chic and has a great sense of style!!!



Fortune Dushey, New York






After several unchallenging years of Parliamo


Italiano classes it was a delightful surprise to take

private lessons with Orsola.

Of course there was still grammar to revise,but we mainly

had interesting conversation about New York


culture,performing arts,music,film and new book.


Now I discovered Italian litterateur from the classic Italo


Calvino to the best seller of Gianfranco Carofiglio.


And it is now a brith point of my week to see elegant and

cheerful Orsola arriving from my lesson.




Arlette Bonifaci,New York


I had studied Italian for many years  with many instructors using diverse  methodologies and I can affirm that Prof. Orsola Fezzi has been the best instructor I had ever have. Her ability to motivate students, her interest in their progress, her consistence in displaying creativity in planning lessons and presenting new materials in a way that capture  the student attention and imagination is truly remarkable.Her impressive teaching skills are enhanced by her generosity, empathy,integrity, patience and profound love and knowledge of the Italian language and culture. 



                          Maria Sonia Tuthill, NewYork





I have been studying Italian with Orsola for over a year, and I have found her method of teaching ideal for understanding,learning and retaining the key concepts of a foreign language.

  Her breadth of knowledge of the Italian language and literature,as well as her professional, pleasant,and courteous  demeanor, create a perfect learning environment for students of all levels!

                      Matina Karadiakos,New York






I have been studying Italian with Orsola Fezzi for well over a year now and can say without a doubt she is the best foreign language teacher I have ever had.  Orsola has infinite amounts of patience and explains things very clearly - even the most timid student flourishes under Orsola's tutelage.  She is friendly and outgoing - all of her students love her - an admiring student.

                 Theresa Nachowitz,New York



I have been taking Italian lessons for several years and find that Professor Orsola Fezzi
is an excellent teacher. She is expert in the language and extremely knowledgable in Italian culture. She encourages us to talk about currents events as well as Italian culture which makes the lessons intNeresting and enjoyable. I would highly recommend her for any Italian private


            Marianne Regalbuto ,New York


Orsola is one of the best teachers I have ever had.  She explains the lessons so clearly that makes it possible to both absorb and retain what is being taught. 
She also has a way of putting everyone at ease so that they are not intimidated when attempting to actually speak in Italian.  In other words, she makes the lessons both informative and enjoyable.
I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in learning a new language.

                  Jo An Hayes,New York


Orsola is a magnificent teacher.
For many years I have taken Italian classes with her and have found her to be extremely patient, encouraging and fun to engage with.  She exudes a positivity and interest in her students and subject matter which in turn make learning and participating in foreign language dialogue a very exciting and challenging endeavor.

           Gayle Kelmenson,New York


I have been taking Italian lessons for the past several years. The environment is vibrant and exciting, yet challenging.  Although we are a small group I feel as if I am getting personalized one-on-one instruction. Orsola is kind and patient but always maintains the class with the upmost professionalism. I first took the challenge of studying my family’s language as a hobby. Italian is now a big part of my life and I look forward to class every week because of Orsola and the friends I have made there. I now feel I can go to Italy anytime and speak the language all due to Orsola Fezzi.


             Rosemary Pezzello,New York


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